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Editorial Campaign


ISLA is originally a nail salon in Berlin, now also a retail off and online store for selected brands. As ISLA retails selected brands from overseas they want to find a way to compensate emissions whilst setting a sign for creative innovation - sustainability can also be sexy. 

The store wants to spread awareness about both apparel and nails, showing extravagant personality but keeping a natural touch. 


The brand launches its first own ISLA Collection, entirely produced from reused materials. Instead of shipping back returned items, the store keeps them to facture simple minimalistic garments, such as scarves. While this may have a natural feel to it, we take it up a notch to cover some extravagance, too. Regarding nails we introduce a natural raw material as new sustainable luxury add on on the fingertip - perlmutt shells.



Perlmutt is a raw material that is a natural waste product from the ocean. ThIs serves the perfect basis for combining the ISLA sustainability fashion and beauty campaign in an editorial shoot - featuring our local products on a local ISLAnd.


The shoot shows the collection in colorful contrast with the backdrop of the red cliff nearby the north sea. The mood created reflects the windy flow of natural surrounding and catch the red accentures in color contrast.

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The ISLA editorial campaign is featured in an issue of SLEEK magazine, both matching paths in their aspirations for fashion, creativity and an innovative drive into new terrains.

SLEEK is one of Germany’s leading independent media houses located in Berlin (aka a local resident like ISLA). Quarterly it publishes a magazine presenting a thematically curated investigation of contemporary art and fashion. "Creativity is the driving force for innovation and growth. We endeavour to be your inspiring source for in-depth journalism of the creative community."

SLEEK doesn't just label their issues with numbers but gives them a powerful name charged with emotion, such as desire, truth, courage or happiness. The ISLA editiorial campaign will be curated under the issue topic "vision". The word refers firstly to the brands aim for creating a sustainable footprint with experimental techniques - aka a vision of human growth. Secondly it also plays with the multiple displays of obscuring and clearing the model's vision as shown in the shoot.

Concept, styling, photography and layout designs are done by me. Model: Carolin Cecile.

Art direction and all media: Franziska v. Badewitz
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