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Product concept, design
& campaign


How do you find your most important items, when you can't see them - because you can't find your glasses - and you can't see?

Human fact: We misplace or lose up to nine items a day, which we then spend up to an hour looking for. That adds up to over 6.5 months of our lives, which is equivalent to almost 5,000 hours spent looking for things. Of course this is part of being human. But make this equation again when nothing comes into focus, including your favorite pair of specs.

mykita Layers.jpg
mykita Background texture 1.jpg

Solving the problem that triggers many problems - the key to simplifying your life. Finding your misplaced items is impossible when seeing blurry. By having our glasses at hand anytime, we are able to minimize our time spent searching and use it to search only what’s really worth searching for.

As one of the few brands MYKITA has always designed and manufactured their models in their in house production, whilst combining detailed handcraft with high technology.

Mykita Beige design.png


Not finding your favourite pair of glasses is now over. Through integrated sound recognition and speaker technology, your favourite pair of glasses can reply to the sound of your personalized whistling signal with the MYKITA tune.

The Sonic Seeker is integrated into the glasses temples, shining through a honeycomb shaped grid and showing the MYKITA logo. The glasses frame comes in several materials, and playing with blurryness, transparency and refraction. The frame shape differs between a simple stylish design which is the typical hand signature of MYKITA and an extravagant experimental shape that is inspired by the physical appearance of sonic sound waves.


Mykta Product refraction .jpg

Detailed view of audio output and technology components

Mykita Design Blue.jpg
Mykita poster Mockup Wall 2.jpg


The campaign features the product with focus onto the sonic seeker, details of the materials and the frame design. The entire model itself is never shown. Its integrated into a background chosen respective to the products individual design. The background fades blurry whilst the Sonic Seeker stays sharp - as the name says it: enabling audio enhanced vision.

mytkita ad beige.jpg
mykita ad red.jpg
mykita as blue.jpg
Art direction and all media: Franziska v. Badewitz
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