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Founding & Art Direction
(Website, Artworks, Media)


Layers Is an arts and music collective that wants to create a Space and bring more attention to the FLINTA+ community and its artists. The term FLINTA+ covers all genders that are not cis male. They are people who are structurally oppressed by the patriarchy. This is important to know and understand, because it is not only women who suffer from misogyny.


For the queer community in Berlin, there are mainly male-dominated spaces and events. In the Berlin's cultural scene places made for and by people FLINTA+ are rare. Often "queer" events and are organized in clubs and by collectives of exclusively male, white teams lacking diversity and abstaining from booking artists from minorities. This frequently to leads self supposed „safe spaces“ that are actually covering up sexist behavior whilst dodging „Cancel Culture“ under the shield of this label.

Concept & Vision

The core of the events is characterized by creating a multidisciplinary experience in which dancers, singers, visual artists, DJs, painters, film-makers and free spirits find their place. We want to counteract the loss of ambiguity in society, to encourage exchange with each other in works guided discussions and activities. It is important to us to create a safer space for FLINTA people which which revealing different layers of identity and experience can not only be discovered but also revealed. 

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Based on an intrinsic need and a motivation to change and build something. Layers was founded in February 2020 (partially triggered and coming to life throughout different MASE projects). What started as building a brand name, by hosting networking events, exhibitions and parties, has now developed into an artist and booking agency. This is fueling the vision to promote and build a network of inspiring souls within the community and thus to strengthen it. We include a range of artists from various fields in our network portfolio and represent them externally.


Surely one of the most educational and challenging projects so far, but also truly a heart project and the most rewarding. Sparking human connection and building something collectively that has a meaningful vision is worth growing. 

Some Impressions


Additionally to our website, check out our artists on LAYERS Instagram and Soundcloud accounts and get in the groove for upcoming events.

Art direction and all media Franziska v. Badewitz
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